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From Hollywood, with love.

We're a team of storytellers, filmmakers, and content strategists with Hollywood experience. We've told a lot of stories in our lives. And we're here to help you tell yours. From creative to post. And we can help distribute your content on TV and internet. Our Minneapolis-based DP's have decades of experience working in Hollywood. In Los Angeles, we partner with Moai Films on cinematic shoots.

You need to pursue your customers. They don't just show up.

Your customers need to see and feel how you make life better. We can help you do that.

Bringing clarity
The people you want to reach need clarity about how you solve their problems.  The best way to give it to them is with video.

They are consuming video content today more than ever before. They're increasingly relying on video to help them make decisions about which brands to support and which products to buy.

Music from the noise
Your message is getting lost in the noise without video.

Jenson Studios is a creative agency that can help you transform complex ideas into simple, powerful, captivating video content.

We help you reach the right people with videos that make them feel how you want them to feel, think about you how you want them to, and act on those feelings and thoughts.

Our process / what we do

Using the most cutting edge technology to tell stories that people anywhere in the world are going to want to watch.

Discovery & Strategy

We help you assess your content needs and develop a plan for story, production, and distribution.

Story & Production

We bring the best and most experienced film talent together to shape the right story for you.

Distribution & Performance Tracking

We help distribute your content across web, social, mobile, apps, and TV. We track the performance and analytics of your video content so you can understand the impact video has on your business.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Meet our team

Meet our team

Eric Jenson

President, Director, Executive Producer

Eric was making short films with his brother as a kid in the 90’s. Then he was making award winning short films with his brother in college. Now he’s building teams of world class creatives whose talents constantly blow his mind.

Jonathan Schwartz


Hailing from CT and now residing in L.A., Jon moved from coast to coast to get to where the best stories are told. Jon is not just a fantastic editor, but he's also directed spots for brands like Ross and Vans. From brand work to lifestyle to corporate video, Jon comes alive behind the camera or in the editing suite.

Lukas Colombo


Lukas Colombo is a multi-award winning bilingual Director and Cinematographer from Santiago, Chile.  He is known for his strong narrative sensibility and unique ability to create authentic and visceral imagery for film and television work. Colombo is the founder of Kondor Blue, a camera accessories manufacturer, as well as Moai Films, a production company that has seen the successful completion of over 300 client projects and is partnered with Jenson Studios.  He resides in the Greater Los Angeles Area and is represented by ACA and Bauman Management.

Jacob Kelso


Jake spent 17 years shooting reality TV in Los Angeles. Yep, he’s got some stories. Life brought him back to Minneapolis where he was raised, and where his deep experience and talent is a little harder to come by. Now instead of shooting for Discovery Channel, Jimmy Kimmel Live, ESPN, and Colbert, he works with clients like you!

Chris Christman

Creative Director/Innovation Lead/Unreal Engine

Chris has over 20 years of experience in Animation, Film, Games, Mixed Reality and other cool things. Chris has worked in Hollywood on major motion pictures, major video games, theme park experiences, and so much more.

Geoff George


Geoff came up in NY and Hollywood in the 90’s. He honed his lighting skills working on projects ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Ford Trucks. After transitioning to DP, he shot Emmy award and Academy award winning documentaries, narrative and episodic TV, and has worked as a Director on dozens of TV commercials.

LET'S create magic TOGETHER.

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