A Creative Video Agency

We’re a video production company, but we write almost all of the videos we create.  So we’re a creative agency that specializes in videos.


There are many ways to tell a story through video.  But the common denominator with all great videos is that they foster human connection.  We’re here to help you connect, to inspire, and to gain the trust of your customers.


Product Launches, Anthems, Case Studies, Medical Animations and Instructional Videos. We do all of that in compelling fashion. See for yourselves below.

Startups and Fast Growth Companies

Your passion fuels you.  And it inspires us.  We love helping companies like you tell your story and change the world.

Corporate Marketing

Video is a powerful layer in your brand marketing strategy.  Allow us to help you connect with your audience to gain their trust and earn their business.

Food, Lifestyle Brands and more...

Sometimes you need video that is brand heavy.  Sometimes you need video that is aspirational and inspirational.  You always need a creative partner that can empathize with your customer and create meaningful connections.

Let's Work Together! Here's How

We’re a Minneapolis based creative video agency, which means we’re a video production company that often writes the projects we work on.

Every video has a process that generally looks like this:

Discovery, Ideation, Scripting and Look Dev, Storyboard, Final Video.

But it all starts with a connection.  Email us at info@jensonstudios.com and let’s start a conversation!

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We are the production team behind DocuMNtary.

DocuMNtary is a project to build awareness of technology in Minnesota by telling our story through a documentary series.

The project objective is to help Minnesota become a top 5 tech community by retaining and attracting top technology talent.

DocuMNtary will be distributed primarily as a web experience along with other channel partners such as public television. The web experience allows us to ensure that this story is available to all people and organizations in Minnesota and beyond.

The series consists of the 30-minute high-level story, and individual 5-10 minute stories from specific people, companies, industries, or other components of our ecosystem. The documentary format allows us to tell the world not only about our great community, innovation, and company stories, but also gives us opportunity to talk about our great music scene, values, outdoor life, culinary wonders, and a booming craft beer industry to name just a few things that make Minnesota what it is.

Some Cool Facts

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