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Eric Jenson

Eric went from making terrible short films with his brother as a kid in the ’90s, to award winning short films with his brother in college.  Now he’s making award winning marketing videos for startups and large companies.  Life is good.

Duane Loose

Production Designer/Art Director
Duane is a visionary creative force, leading innovative process development, strategic and tactical management of creative teams producing elite quality content and world-class products.  He’s worked on projects for JJ Abrams and Disney.  He creates precision 3D, animation, visual effects and motion graphics for incredible stories.

Scott Jenson

Lead Editor, Director, Producer and Shooter

Offering 14 years experience in the creative conceptualization, writing, production, and editing of media products which evoke emotions and communicate specific messages.

A demonstrated ability to drive Design, Development, & Delivery and to exceed the expected. Apple Certified Pro: Final Cut Pro.


Jacob Kelso

Director of Photography/Editor
How did we convince a guy to move from Los Angeles (where he worked on shoots for Discovery Channel, ESPN, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Colbert Report, Coachella, and more) to Minnesota (to work with Jenson Studios)?  We didn’t.  His girlfriend did.  But boy are we grateful.

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